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We're Bringing Delicious Local Food to You!

This pandemic has caused a lot of confusion, especially in the food industry. The doors of our favorite restaurants have closed and with partnered local farms following closely behind. We at Arcadia Venture are working to be part of the solution to a broken food system and preventing the closures of local farms. We usually work with restaurants, but in this period of chaos we have found ourselves switching gears for the time being: we’re now bringing delicious local foraged and farmed food straight to you, so you may enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

The “Foraged and Local” provisions box is our answer. Inside of each box are a few different items but can be separated into two categories: Foraged and Farmed. The Foraged items are locally hunted wild food by our team of foragers giving you the opportunity to experience the natural land that surrounds you. The Farmed items are products from farms that we closely work with; helping them by buying products that were previously grown only for restaurants.

We want these boxes to be unique; filled with some ingredients that you would expect only to get at a restaurant and give you the opportunity to try your own hand cooking them at home! We know they can be a bit intimidating - especially for new home cooks; but have no fear, we won’t abandon you. On this blog, we will be posting information about some of the more unique ingredients and providing recipes to go along with them. Also keep an eye out for sneak peaks of what to expect in the upcoming months. Eating with the seasons from the surrounding land is exciting and we want to share that with you!

Thank you for the overwhelming support these past couple of weeks! We look forward to bringing you more provisions in the future!

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