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Recipe Contest for FREE Box

Ever since we started the “Foraged and Local” box, people have sent us many pictures of the incredible dishes that they made - and we love them! Very few things make us happier than seeing people cook at home with the ingredients in our box; that being said, we want to see more of everyone’s cooking. To encourage that, we are holding a recipe competition! Using the ingredients you receive in your order, we are challenging all of you to cook/ bake your most creative dish, take a picture, and write down the recipe for it. Send it to us and the winner will receive a free “Foraged and Local” box (with some extra goodies inside)! Who doesn’t love free local produce? Here are a few rules for the competition: 1) You are eligible to enter this competition if you have ever ordered one of our “Foraged and Local” boxes. 2) You must utilize and include a minimum of 4 ingredients from your “Foraged and Local” box in your dish. There is no maximum. 3) The recipes will be judged by the team here at Arcadia Venture based on the recipe’s following criteria: Quality (30%), Originality (35%), and Appetite Appeal (35%). 4) Every person is eligible to submit 2 recipes. All submissions must include a name for the dish, an original recipe, and a picture of the dish. (Smartphone photos are acceptable!) Submissions can be emailed to 5) This competition will begin on 5/10/2020 at 12pm and end 5/26/2020 at 4pm. 6) If you are a potential winner you will be contacted by email the day after the competition. (ii) If you do not respond within five days of our first attempted contact, the prize will then be offered to the next potential winning recipe applicant. We will announce the winner on our website and social media accounts as soon as the winner is confirmed! Happy cooking!

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