Spelt Flour 1 lb. Castle Valley Mill 


Located in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Castle Valley Mill continues to produce the finest stone ground flours, meals, cleaned whole berry grains, and grain mixes. Processed slowly and at cool temperatures on antique buhr mills, the flavor, nutrients, and wholesome goodness of the grain is preserved, and produces exceptional quality foods.


This ancestor to modern soft wheat varieties has a delicate oatmeal flavor and better nutritional profile than conventional wheats. Spelt is used like whole wheat for breads and baking as well as a whole grain served like rice or barley. The moderate gluten and good protein content make it a superb All-Purpose flour. Spelt is the variety of wheat that the Pennsylvania Dutch brought with them from the Old World and is fantastic for all sorts of baked goods.

Spelt Flour 1 lb.

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